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Manasikarn Hall

Inside the hall on the entrance side is the “Buddha’s Journey” exhibition, which is like a tunnel bringing you back to the Buddha era. It depicts the history of Buddha with light, color and sound that has never been shown anywhere before. There is also a wax model of the Buddha in self-mortification posture. The audio description can be chosen from nine languages such as Thai, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Further down the hall is a rectangular hall or the “Stupa Hall” where visitors can pay homage to 18 Buddha’s relics, 30-inch lap-length golden Buddha statue “Phra Borommalokkanat” and the embroidered Buddha image, the exquisite embroidery work of 651,000 stitches in which every stitch the word “Nippana” was recited. Another specialty of this Stupa Hall is the red silk used to cover the inside wall made by Antico Setificio Florentino company from Florence, Italy. The company was established since 1786 or over 230 years ago. It is the company that weaved silk for Kremlin Palace and UFFIZI Gallery Museum. The bright shining gold from the Buddha statue base is covered in 100% gold leaf, whereas the golden walls around the hall and door frames are covered with synthetic gold.

The walk way on the exit part resembles a modern gallery that provides Dhamma thoughts that can be applied in daily life. Air conditioner is provided inside Manasikarn Hall to let you find peace and have a wonderful experience.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday : 10.00 - 17.00
Saturday - Sunday : 09.30 - 18.00
*Closed every Monday

(Last group accepted 30 minutes before closing time)

For more information

095 760 0885

082 168 3027

One day trip

092 979 2809

How to Visit

Admission Fee

– Thais 50 Baht
– Foreigners 100 Baht
– Senior Citizens over 60 years old 20 Baht
– Monks, people with disabilities, students, children less than 8 years old - Free admission

*The admission fee supports our utility expenses

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