The time portal
to the Life of Buddha

Have you ever wonder

What made a prince leave a life of luxury in the palace to be an ascetic?
Why would someone want to torture himself for six years?
What Dhamma did Prince Siddhartha discover that made him attain Buddhahood?
What is Enlightenment?




Manasikarn Hall

Inside the hall on the entrance side is the “Buddha’s Journey” exhibition, which is like a tunnel bringing you back to the Buddha era. Further down the hall is a rectangular hall or the “Stupa Hall” where visitors can pay homage to 18 Buddha’s relics, 30-inch lap-length golden Buddha statue “Phra Borommalokkanat” and the embroidered Buddha image. The walk way on the exit part resembles a modern gallery that provides Dhamma thoughts that can be applied in daily life.

Spiritual Life Exhibition

The modern building with mountain landspace as its background. This is an exhibition providing knowledge on Buddha’s teachings and the proper conduct toward the Buddha and his image. There is also a VDO room for visitors to learn basic meditation practice.

Meditation with Guru

At Manasikarn Hall, this is a place where you can practice basic meditation and find inner peace in an easy, comfortable and feel-like-home atmosphere with the guidance from a meditation teacher.

Meditation in the Garden

A new corner prepared for those seeking tranquility, slipping in to meditate, or quietly relax amidst the lush nature, green trees, various flowers, and the ever-flowing sounds of cascading waterfalls. It creates an atmosphere that feels like practicing meditation amidst the refreshing and serene nature privately.

Traditional Dress Rental Shop

Here visitors can virtually time travel by experiencing the history through Thai and Indian traditional dresses. Various styles of outfit are available for rent at our dress shop with special staff helping closely. Trust us, dress traditionally and take a photo against the beautiful Manasikarn Hall and amazing background of limestone mountain will be another wonderful experience before coming back.

Shopping at Local Market

A stroll of local products, foods and drinks for shoppers and souvenir seekers.

Sipping Coffee at By The Hill Cafe

The reception point in a beautiful architectural building. There are delicious coffee, foods and snacks available at affordable price.


Saraburi Jazz Festival
20-21 January 2024
The Casting Ceremony of Phra Borommalokkanat Buddha Statues
20 January 2024
Celebration of Manasikarn as Thailand New Unseen
1-2 July 2023